* Groundwork, in general, is work with a horse to build responsive relationship from the ground.
* GROUNDWORK, in cowboy church, is a 
small group where you learn the essentials of walking with God in day-to-day life.
Where and When is Groundwork?
Groundwork can happen anywhere and anytime a group wants to meet. We have groups that meet at churches, in homes, and riding clubs.
What will I learn in Groundwork?
There are four Groundwork courses that each have eight sessions (8 weeks).
Course #1 - Essentials

Focus: Living day-by-day, moment-by-moment in the power that God supplies through seven essential sources.
Course #2 - Christlike
Focus: Growing in the character of Jesus Christ, experiencing the fruit (results) of the Holy Spirit's work in you.
Course #3 - On Mission
Focus: Joining Christ in His work that is happening all around us. Equipping you to show the love of Christ in the world and lead others to Him.

Course #4 - Church
Focus: Learning and living the 'one anothers' of Christ in the New Testament. Being a family of faith (church), and strengthening all relationships. 

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